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Rain Rain Go Away

Our phones are so made as to bray out terrifying alarms when danger threatens–and my phone just did that. Once I had stilled my beating heart I looked to see what on earth had frightened it so, and found that there were flash flood warnings for my area!
While it’s true that it has been raining very hard indeed, and that there is a VERY large puddle in my backyard, I think I am safe from any actual danger of drowning at this time.

So, no need to send out the dove at this point in time.

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Rain, rain

Of course, I appreciate not having to water my garden–think of the money I’m saving!–but the gloom and gray skies are BEGINNING TO PALL.
Though others rejoice in the downpour–even find it suitable for dancing–

I do not.
A little sun would be very welcome.

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Plants have their own concerns and do what they have to do, ignoring the griefs of the silly humans who share the earth with them. And we can only look at them in awe and wonder. Of course, they feed us, keep our air clean, keep us alive—but also, they fill the world with color and entertainment. Not to mention pollen, but let’s pass over the misery that causes to many humans. There are drugs, no?

The cherry tree in my front yard is FABULOUS. A gorgeous cloud of pink blossoms, that lifts my heart whenever I look at it. It is an ornamental tree and will give me no cherries, but it would if it could. It is a LOVELY tree, so much bigger now than the tiny slip of a sapling that I planted 20 years ago.

The bleeding heart, quince, and viburnum are in bloom and looking grand. The bleeding heart was here when I moved in, and is a sturdy dependable creature. The other two I planted, and are surviving despite my faulty care. The viburnum has such a fragrance!

The dogwood and azaleas are very close to blooming. Splendid tree, splendid bushes!

Thank you to all these blithe plants, making my garden so fine. It reminds me of this Browning poem, one that my dad often quoted to us, from Pippa Passes:

The year’s at the spring
And day’s at the morn;
Morning’s at seven;
The hill-side’s dew-pearled;
The lark’s on the wing;
The snail’s on the thorn;
God’s in His heaven—
All’s right with the world!

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Warm February

It was balmy and mild when I went out to get the paper this morning, and a cardinal was singing his joyful song, WEET WEET cho cho cho cho far up in the crepe myrtle next door. And all up and down the street other birds were bidding us all a cheery good day, a gentle morning symphony.
Is it spring already?
And if so, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WINTER? There was a bit of snow last month, and some earlier, but I waited in vain for one of those magical storms, the world silent except for the tiny hissing of the flakes, the ground gently blanketed, the sky blank and still.
NOT that I long for a storm like the one we had 10 years ago (see this) when the electricity failed and the house turned frigid–but, a nice little snowstorm before the heat sets in, that would be very welcome.

DAMN this global warming.

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Comes the winter

Today I WORE A COAT! And GLOVES! And tomorrow I shall pick up my puffy quilt from the cleaners!
Winter looms ahead, and I am not displeased to say goodbye to the stunning heats and sweats of summer. Naturally I do not welcome the prospect of freezing my old bones but I do after all own many warm garments–not to mention a gas fire place! Hot buttered rum is a pleasant drink, very grateful to the throat.

But for those who mourn the passing of the warm weather, here is Ezra Pound’s lament:

Winter is i-cumin in,
Lhude sing goddamn!
Raineth drop and staineth slop
And how the wind doth ram
Sing goddamn!

Skiddth bus and sloppeth us,
An ague hath my ham
Freezeth river, turneth liver,
Damn you, sing goddamn.
Goddamn, goddamn, tis why I am goddamn,
So gainst the winter’s balm.
Sing goddamn, sing goddamn, DAMN!

And this lovely song comes to mind.

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Today I celebrate the change of the seasons! I have done Three Significant Things to mark the passing from winter to spring:
1. I threw off the plump winter quilt and reverently laid on the bed my charming summer quilt.

2. I removed and discarded the old brush head on my toothbrush, replacing it with a fresh new one.*

3. I replaced the shamefully grimy filter in my heating/AC system, replacing it with a snow white unsullied one.*

And then I set off to drive about and see the cherry trees, whose lovely pale pink blooms float like clouds in every neighborhood, set off by the valiant forsythia, shining brilliantly yellow in every corner. Spring, the sweet spring, the year’s pleasant king!

*Note that accepted advice in these matters recommends a more frequent change in both these items. But one need not be a SLAVE to society’s expectations for heaven’s sake.

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Last night the weather news was pretty DIRE: snow is ON THE WAY citizens, listen up, time to panic–do you have ENOUGH milk and toilet paper? So it was with a pleasurable anticipation of a day at home that I bade farewell to my colleagues yesterday. But this morning when I peeked out the curtains before the alarm went off–NOTHING! The street innocent and bare, not a flake to be seen. Sigh. So, when the alarm went off, I rose and washed, did the exercises, donned the clothes, made the bed, and snapped open the curtains.

I own to feeling a wee bit AGGRIEVED. Could it not have started 45 minutes sooner for all love? How cruel is fate, thus withholding the chance to sleep late.
HOWEVER, we are born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward.
Well, well, I had breakfast and then logged into my work files. Travel expense reports, waivers, permissions.
The snow is lovely, though, and outside the children are sledding down the street!

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Being a good citizen sometimes requires extraordinary diligence.
Had it NOT been raining, the day would have been a little less heinous–the short walk to the polling center could have been pleasant had the sun shone, and waiting in the line outside a mere expenditure of time.
Instead of which it was tense exercise in tricky umbrella wielding.
However, I waited my turn, eventually entered the church hall, and cast my vote, leaving that place to return to my commute. And there was the bus clipping along merrily on the other, unreachable side of the avenue–heavy unrelenting traffic would not let this good citizen pass. Not to worry! There is a traffic light at the corner, and a covered bus stop! However, as I waited to cross, the SECOND bus whisked by. They have ardent vows, to follow each other closely. So I finally waded across Mass Avenue and achieved the haven, a dry spot with a benevolent bench. And then the THIRD bus darted by, ignoring my frantic shouts and umbrella wavings. I will own that some bad words passed these saintly lips. The FOURTH bus grudgingly came to a halt and soon enough I was putting my little brown bag into the office refrigerator and settling down to work.
A little damp, but with a fine feeling of duty done.

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Happy Halloween dear friends! The last day of the month, how the year is rushing by. A lovely holiday, Halloween, what with all the little children exulting in their unwonted freedom and access to normally forbidden treats. There was, I own, a moment of rage this evening when MY DAMN SMART LIGHT wouldn’t turn on thus possibly causing a black out in my front yard so that no little ones would drop by and I would be left with NINE Pounds of rather ghastly candy.
HOWEVER, not so. And a stream of excited children came rushing to the door, many of whom were enchanted to see Bertie regarding them with deep suspicion from a safe distance behind the piano. A group of little girls told me that their mom was allergic to cats, and they gazed with particular longing at the exotic creature. And though Bertie appeared to be taking part in the festivities, I could not but feel that he was readying himself for an escape out into the night, which somewhat vitiated my joyful welcome to the celebrating children.
9 pounds of candy distributed. And now perhaps a little dinner!

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Summer fading

Our side of the world is bending away from the sun–the mornings are darker, the evenings come sooner, and today I felt that nip in the air, announcing that Autumn is on the way.
Oh there are more 90 degree days in store before we settle into the next season, and we will be sweltering away for another month–but how precious is this first breath of fresh coolness! I wore a suit for the first time in months, and felt a chill even with the jacket on.
There are those among us who cherish the heat and regard winter’s approach with loathing–and I will own that I do not relish struggling through the snow against the freezing arctic winds. But how nice to open the door and not be greeted with that vile slap of wet heat!

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