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One for the Ladies

I have just watched an ENTIRE series, simply because of the beaux yeux of the actor who is playing, yes, another BROKEN HEARTSICK detective. He has all the necessaries:

  • An adorable perky daughter who loves him but who goes with the mother in the separation.
  • His apartment is a mess.
  • He smokes and drinks, and is mostly very sad.
  • But has of course a heart of gold.
  • And yes, he has a gorgeous secretary.

I am a sucker for these things.

And it was not JUST his handsome face that drew me in, but also the lovely city he sleuths in–Edinburgh. My, such a beautiful town to be sure.
So, I will give a passing grade to Case Histories, starring the charmant Jason Isaacs, who was such a HORRID VILLAIN in Patriot Games. A very pretty fellow.

Even 18 years later with wrinkles.
My one complaint is that Series 2 became darker and darker, literally and figuratively. I kept thinking, TURN ON THE LIGHTS.


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My nephew was visiting, and yesterday we drove to Great Falls, to see the mighty waters–always a stunning and humbling sight. It briefly occurred to me that the endless rains might have had some effect on the river, but I dismissed the thought–the drive is so lovely, through the green wilderness, and down the little winding road to the park entrance. There was a LONG LINE of cars waiting to pay the fee and enter, and it was only once we were next in line that I saw the sign: Great Falls viewing overlook is closed due to flooding. Also the Billy Goat Trail. Sigh. Well, I paid the $10 anyway, and we walked through some rather grim construction to a big cement platform that offered a view of the river–raging water, brown and turbulent, rushing through flailing trees–here is a quick vid view. Not the falls–but what a vision.
When people mention the Potomac River, it is with a fleer and a jeer–the name is contaminated with the fog of politics that emanates from the city it bisects. But looking on those surging masses of raw power I felt nothing but awe.

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Just as I exulted over the triumph of finally getting a new phone–NOT an easy task, comrades, and certainly not a cheap one–I have been struck down with ghastly back ache. The kind that makes you walk VERY carefully and say ouch when arising from chair. You don’t even have to type in "pain" when you start searching on "lower back". Everybody has it, everybody longs for a magical cure.

I have had this before, but when I was younger I was outraged, questioned doctors, demanded that I be set back to normal.
Now that I am old I think, maybe this is just the way things are. And though past experience leads me to hope that it will diminish if not completely disappear eventually, I have no great expectation of ease.

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On Getting Old

I have had cause to note that along with the gradual deterioration of the body, aging also diminishes the brain. Ever alert to the onset of senility, I am horrified at each word forgotten, each digression from the path.
So imagine my dismay as I gaily sang to the cats that Chicks and Ducks and Geese better scurry, when I take you out in the….CURRY? SLURRY? BLURRY? I simply could not remember the name of the vehicle with the fringe on the top. Google of course instantly supplied it, namely: SURREY. Which I stared at, thinking, what on earth is a surrey. Well, it is a "

popular American doorless, four-wheeled carriage of the late 19th and early 20th century."

As long as I can still manage to look up answers to these significant questions, I guess I can manage to avert collapse.
But I shall NEVER give in to Gmail’s sly hinting of responses to emails. Or at least. I hope I shall never give in.
Should you spot an email from me briefly announcing," Cute!" or "That’s great news! " just assume my next communication will be from the nursing home.

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In the uphill battle to entertain myself of an evening I enter many worlds, many odd places—many SO UNSUITABLE for a respectable elderly lady. But stories, I must have the stories!

Recently I found myself once again in Westeros, beyond the Wall: a particularly loud battle between a horrid Death Bear and a group of brave expeditioners. It went on and on, roaring and stomping and snow flying….Winter HAD COME as promised, I find. Well, aside from noting that the lads wore no hats in the bitter cold—the better to display their tossing curls, no losing ears to frostbite for these hot blooded fellows!–I found it singularly unengaging.

Sigh. How well I remember the excitement of reading those books.

Long ago now.

Anyway, clicking onward I came to Matt Groening’s new series—Disenchantment. Outrageous and silly–idiotic plots and KRAZY dialogue—and absolutely irresistible.

Shameful, but there it is. Mr. Groening has an amazing wealth of invention, it just pours out of him.

I watched every episode, and often chuckled. It’s like Simpsons, only in Fairytale Land. Here is the trailer.

Long ago my youngest boy sat on the floor among his toys—cars, bears, a toy garage. He looked up at me with a conspiratorial air, and whispered, “Let’s pretend I’m the God of War!” I agreed that we could make it so.

Sometimes I think that telling each other stories is the most wonderful thing we humans do.

But then I remember lemon bars.

OH, and chocolate chip cookies.

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1. Parents Beware!

Thieves and wicked people are stealing your little children’s SS numbers and using them to set up fraudulent credit card accounts and otherwise commit mayhem. Your darlings will only learn about this when they ask for their first loan and the bank manager calls the police. What can you do? Nothing much, aside from being vigilant. Story here.

2. Miles Gloriosus!
There are ghastly conflicts all over the world creating misery for millions of people.
But shamefully, I keep noting the pictures of amazingly handsome young men.

Monsters, I make no doubt. But, sort of CUTE monsters. Military garb, deeply practical of course,
but also, one can’t help but admit, dangerously alluring.

Note that though the LandsNecht on the right may look like a dainty morsel, he and his chums were as deadly a force as any in our time, see this.
And also, this, because, irresistible.

3. Miles Pellis
All South Korean men spend a mandatory 2 years serving in the army, and during that rigorous time they learn –that daily skin care is very important! Toners, face masks, and moisturizers are de rigeur for the troops, and after their service they continue this regime. Older soldiers are slightly appalled, but naturally the young men ignore this.

4. Wearing the Hotel Carpet
There are MANY people who are obsessed with carpet patterns in hotels, airports and office buildings–going so far as to make costumes from especially charming samples and wearing them to comic book/fantasy conventions. The Dragon Con in Atlanta is going on as we speak, and members of the Cult of Marriott Carpet will march in the parade proudly wearing their carpet ensembles.

5. It’s September!
We made it through the summer!

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Summer fading

Our side of the world is bending away from the sun–the mornings are darker, the evenings come sooner, and today I felt that nip in the air, announcing that Autumn is on the way.
Oh there are more 90 degree days in store before we settle into the next season, and we will be sweltering away for another month–but how precious is this first breath of fresh coolness! I wore a suit for the first time in months, and felt a chill even with the jacket on.
There are those among us who cherish the heat and regard winter’s approach with loathing–and I will own that I do not relish struggling through the snow against the freezing arctic winds. But how nice to open the door and not be greeted with that vile slap of wet heat!

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