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I was trudging about Giant,

consulting the list,

doing the shopping–when suddenly I heard heavenly voices singing in heart lifting harmony: "CHERRIES, CHERRIES, CHERRIES!"
I suppose it was advertising—not actually angels from the realms of glory.
Nice, though.


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Lessons learned

I was going to give this hard earned advice to my daughters, and then thought, wait, the lads need to know this as well, and then I thought, wait, what about my sister and sisters-in law, and brothers, and –well, well, why not all my friends too.
So listen well, dear fellow human beings. Time beats against us all, and we gradually are losing the battle. But never give up the fight! Keep your joints flexible, your muscles limber, your brain entertained! And, keep your skin lubricated!
I’m sure you moisturize your face (if you don’t, please start now) but also, rub that stuff onto your fingernails and your toes. And all the rest if you have the time and energy. But keeping your toes from drying out will help prevent or at least reduce all kinds of nasty ailments, including ingrown toenails and corns.
And, not a bad idea to find a good podiatrist.

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Father’s Day

Thank you, and thank you again, to all the fathers that were, fathers that are, and fathers to be!
I was blessed with a wonderful dad, who was–in addition to his many virtues–such an entertaining man, such fun to be with. I realize that not everyone was as lucky. But mostly, the dads I see about me are trying so hard, being the best dads they can.
So here’s to you, lads! Well done!

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Too too shaming

Sometimes I find I must sternly rebuke myself.
When for instance I slavishly watch a show of such complete cheesiness that you could spread it on bread for lunch.
Such, such was the show Amazon presented to me, a Russian fantasy of truly epic silliness—and yet, there I was watching it–entranced from start to finish.
Well, mostly entranced.
See, there we are in Ancient Russia. It is, of course, snowing. A lovely young woman–a PRINCESS– is being readied for her WEDDING! Her clothing is exotic, fabulous–and what’s more, the marriage ceremony has her placed on a little boat and pulled across a lake while the winsome villagers sing their exotic Russian song.

But WHAT IS THIS???? The song accidentally calls forth a DRAGON who steals the princess away to his hidden island! And she finds herself in this stone cave, with a –REALLY REALLY– handsome young man lurking about. Well, well, he is the dragon, no surprise there, and at first she HATES him, but then she learns to LOVE him. There is a certain amount of leaping about, innocent happiness kind of thing. Then, plot twist, they are separated–but love conquers all.
It is, as I said, shaming to find that a decent old lady can watch such stuff, but there I was.

You will not be surprised to learn

that it ends happy.
Though one wonders what their charming little daughter will do for schooling and companions on their little island, but WHATEVER.
Terrible trailer here.
Now I shall go watch Thor Ragnarok.
Truly, I have no shame.

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Such a day! Clear and bright as a day in heaven, birds singing, trees standing tall, reaching their arms to the sky, and the bus was exactly on time.
Today I told my boss I was applying for another job, and she took it calmly, didn’t call for armed guards, didn’t burst into tears.
Perhaps after all this world is not doomed to endless night.

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A tiny dingle

As the Rev Jenkins says of his beloved Milk Wood, I know there are boskier woods more blithe with spring than those that delight me so in my garden—but they do delight me, looming high, filled with singing birds.
And such triumph today! The tiny fountain back in service, despite all my threats to have it dug out and sent to the knackers.

It involved a sweaty interlude with pail and rags, and then the hose to refill it had bonded so tightly with the wrong fixture that it came away holding a bit of the fixture in its teeth, and was only persuaded to let go by means of a wrench and much determination. Also there was a HINT of humidity in the air–EIGHTY PERCENT in fact. Soon it will storm, I suppose–but, I have done my bit in the garden today, even setting up the AUTOMATIC WATERING SYSTEM.

You will ask, why is there a white ceramic pail under the device? AH, that would be to catch the drips.
You will ask, what is all that curly green business?–AH, that would be my enthusiastic hose.
It is not quite up to my beloved Lawrence’s vision–but it sort of works. More expenditure is needed at the garden center of course–the various connectors and hose ends fail rapidly, and do not last long. But, plants will be watered, and at least for another year Lawrence’s miraculous network of hoses and tubes will keep the garden from drying out.

So I think perhaps a festive G & T is called for.

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I was just about to say LOOK! The sun is shining!
But –it’s raining again.
I waded home through rushing streams, and am still a little damp.
PLUS, I am coming down with a cold.

Well done, May! So far you are beating out February for sheer cussedness.

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