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Further Developments

Another twist in the exciting drama that is my new job! Which possibly I should keep my mouth shut about, not wishing to celebrate the season by losing my situation, as Scrooge tartly remarked to his clerk Bob Cratchitt.
But really! How can I not share this exciting news!
So, I left you with the tantalizing prospect of our 6 travelers poised on the brink of their travels but possibly doomed to stay home for lack of the appropriate visas. But NOT SO! We persevered, we got the visas, we had FedEx deliver them on the day before departure, and all was well!
The cost was somewhat startling, but there it is, we prevailed.
Off they went to Moscow, ready to discuss interesting topics. Sigh of relief!
And then one of the eminent scientists had a heart attack, and had to be rushed to the hospital for immediate heart surgery.
This shed something of a gloom over the proceedings, though the various events and festivities could not be cancelled of course.

You will be relieved to hear that he survived, and will be brought home next week.

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