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Not actually durance vile as yet, though the cats are battling over valuable lap territory–Jack just BIT Bertie in the behind, outraging us both and disturbing the peace.

1) I have dutifully logged into my work website, done some work, joined a Zoom meeting. None of these activities have filled my heart with happiness, but neither have they cast me into gloom.
2) I tried ordering groceries on Instacart and now have enough broccoli to last me until next year. Yes, mistakes were made: we are none of us perfect.
3) With heart beating high, I briefly nipped out into the dangerous world to FedEx my tax documents to the brave man who prepares my taxes–washing my hands carefully upon return.

It is such an odd time, everything different, off balance. People huddling in their houses, restaurants and bars closed, no sports events, no opera, no theater. The traffic is very light. Is this the beginning of the End of the World?
Well–I’m going to assume not. Ever the optimist.
So–hello fellow humans! I look forward to hearing your stories of this time of plague!

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This week we entered a new kind of life: getting up an hour earlier, changing all the clocks–and facing this new plague that ravens through the world, flourishing, redoubling its powers. My son convinced me to eschew public transport, and so I am driving to work, which gives me agro enough in any case. And now my company is sending out sensible but depressing messages about staying home, being safe. The two meetings I was working on have been cancelled. It’s all over but for the ferocious fighting with the airlines over how much they’ll reimburse us. Luckily no money has been sent to the hotels.
So, just to move away from the ghastly news, I was looking through the paper and saw a review of a book called Pravda Ha Ha, which mentioned “a zoo in the yard of a prison ministry in Transnistria, a ‘republic’ which the world prefers to pretend does not exist.” Have you ever heard of this country? I haven’t, so I looked it up, and yes, it does exist:

Transnistria or Transdniestria, officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, is a breakaway state in the narrow strip of land between the river Dniester and the Ukrainian border that is internationally recognized as part of Moldova. Its capital is Tiraspol.

So there you have it.
Be of good cheer, there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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